Coach Talks with Shreyas

It’s Objective

Coach Talks with Shreyas – A podcast where we invite experts from various fields of expertise to hear their experiences & learn something which can be implemented in our lives for the betterment.

We have invited people from college students to CEO to discuss their opinions & perspectives about career & life. We discuss various topics & stereotypes which are quite normalised in today’s world, and how can you tackle to stand out from the crowd!

We hope it gives you something new to learn, and help a get a richer meaning of life.

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The Life Talk Burrito

The Motive

The Life Talk Burrito – talk show about life and learning from the experiences of our guests hosted by your favourite hosts Shreyas and Michele!

The Life Talk Burrito focusses on these 4 questions:

What is the biggest challenge faced during 2020?

Life Lesson learnt from that experience

One thing that you’d like to change for 2021

Legacy left behind…..

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Get Set to Thrive Podcast

Our Mission

We are here to talk about, explore and share the world of coaching with you! You will learn about things that you may not want to ask, like what is coaching anyway? We will talk about what makes coaching different from counselling, mentoring and therapy. Did you know there are specialities in coaching? What benefits do the different areas offer?

Can one coach do it all? How do you know if you are working with the right coach? Those are just some of the areas we will explore. We will also offer some tips to help make your life better, personally and professionally. We can all use some extra tips, especially while we are dealing with this pandemic!

Join us and tune in to Season 1 of  Get Set To Thrive Podcast to get some nuggets on fundamentals of coaching!

You will be glad you did!

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Our Lovely Hosts

Meet the brilliant minds behind the mic, who brings to you new episodes embraced with learnings, guidance, inspiration & many more

Shreyas Koushik

Shreyas Koushik is an Executive and Life Coach at Get Set Rise Coaching and Consulting, a venture he founded in July 2020. Shreyas helps businesses, HR recruiters, professionals and action takers have the awareness of their strengths and challenges to unlock and unleash their true potential.

Shreyas is highly dynamic, result driven and an all round coach who helps in mitigating the business challenges in today’s competitive world. Shreyas has worked with a loyal client base in a wide range of industries, helping HR Professionals and Recruiters to select best candidates, right talent identification, organization development, and leadership development. Shreyas is on a mission to get 100% success results for clients and helps businesses to get the most accurate understanding of goals and responsibilities.

Michelle Gunn

Michele Gunn has taken the traditional path in life; graduating college and moving on to a career. Although she has excelled in each path she has chosen, she never felt fulfilled and often would end up bored as each new challenge was conquered. 

Michele would often volunteer at different organizations which provided her some feeling of contentment, but still, something was lacking. It was not until she had taken the CliftonStrengths® assessment and received her results that everything became more clear! Her top 5 CliftonStrengths® are: Belief®, Responsibility®, Input®, Developer®, and Arranger®.  Michele needs to work with people and receives great satisfaction when they succeed. 

Through her coaching certification, Michele has finally uncovered her purpose: to help people who feel stuck or lost find and live their purpose.