Believing every individual is a trailblazer in his/her own life! Understanding the goals, responsibilities, and making plans for execution is the key to get success as well as holding your happiness.
Through Get-Set-Rise coaching, Shreyas and his team want to create a positive impact in the marketplace by identifying and developing a true manager to reach the upper echelons in the organization hierarchy. Shreyas’ aim is to help you become an effective, more dynamic and result-driven leader towards success through coaching. Free Quote now “Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” Do you know what coaching is? How does it help small and big organizations in assessment and choosing the best personality for the particular business? Well, coaching is a mix of inquiry, transformation, feedback and discussion. When you consult at Get Set Rise Coaching, we will give you a broader perspective on the current leadership development issues and also discover good ways to deal with it. Many of my coaching clientele utilize our online or offline sessions for assessment and execution of strategies in appointing a person. We work with you to make changes to your leadership strategies to ensure positive changes in your workforce and corporate culture.Through our assessments, you will learn to augment your strengths and mitigate the challenges to build more effective business coping mechanisms. We discuss possible ways to develop a good personality and  productive talent that can bring good vibes to a specific organization. We focus on the current situation and plan methodologies to crack better deals. We make actionable and the most suitable plans that work, and through talents, implement those plans for enhanced outcomes.

The Coaching Process for Executive Coaching

Initial Assessment Plan

Firstly, you will need to start with an initial assessment in order to curate a thorough understanding of your experience and know-how towards any business or position. With this assessment, we will get a metric of your specific leadership skills and we will also get known to areas where we have to work for your betterment.

Quality Sessions

Sessions vary from client to client and the internal working agenda of coaching is tailor-made to suit your requirements. We arrange sessions on client’s demands and target their specific goals. With these sessions, we help you to define the root cause of the challenges that you are facing and we will provide whatever modalities are needed to you to achieve your goals!

Define Progress

We define progress after each phase for your better development and co-creation of strategic managers for a leading association. We recommend to repeat assessment after every 3, 6 or 12 months depending on the existing requests. We’ll go over the fallouts together, and deliberate where to fine-tune and where to devote more time. Shreyas Koushik is an expert leadership coach and corporate mentor providing Leadership Coaching and Executive Coaching to support leaders get ahead. Being a coach, Shreyas respects the fact that the coaching affiliation is a distinctive connection that both the client and the coach will co-create. Get a Free Quote The Key to Succes in any Organization is Identifying, Developing and Empowering the Right People

Identifying the Right People

You might know that people are the base of any small or big business! Hence, it is quite essential to hire the right talents and organize them with the competencies that they exhibit. We assist you to hire the right people with the capabilities that you are looking for. We help organizations in developing a consistent and combined talent management course about recruitment, development, management, and promotion of talents within the establishment.

Developing the Capability in Talents

Organizational capability is a company’s ability to identify a strategy, manage resources, develop tools, and design business processes to effectively equip its people towards delivering results and gaining an advantage over competitors. A company’s organizational capability must be unique and focus on its ability to delight and serve customers. We assist organizations in shaping this strategy and journey.

Empowering the Right People

When you want to empower the right people, make the right strategies and have the ability to execute it. You should know how to prioritize your goals and effectively manage your daily churn for delivering business results. Well-defined and disciplined execution brings forth liable and justifiable upshots. Considering measurement, clarity, and agility as the key, we help you in making an effective process that can execute the success path of your flourishing business. Team at Get Set Rise Coaching considers leadership a part of reaching business goals. We find true leaders who can hold or create a good team, or even, stretch them to the whole new world. We work to develop skills for great leadership development and enabling your business to bring the best outcomes as always desired. We know that every organization needs a coach, consultant or counselor to realise the supreme potential of people as per the need in all industry verticals these days. Our coaching is highly dedicated to doing whatever it takes to benefit you and your business for becoming more efficacious. The success of our coaching stems from a good work ethic, recurrent learning and aptitude to aid our potential clients recruit and develop leaders. We relish applying our management and leadership acquaintance into work for enhancing the way businesses work! Our clients augment our ability to professionally partner with them. They open up about what’s holding them back, seek support in self-finding and make feasible plans for a contented personal and professional life. You can do everything you set your mind to. Learn how to succeed in all aspects of your professional life! Get in touch with us now and activate executives with assumed leadership!

So Much Love from all Around the World!

Abhishek Joshi
Shreyas is not only a Magnificent human being and Success coach, but a person who adds immense value to the individuals lives he interacts with. With his support, I was able to improve my professional and personal life by keepingme focused and accountable, yet providing practical tools and guidance. He was devoted to taking the time to understand my goals, aspirations, and truly dedicated to my success.
Annette Parker
I’ve had the pleasure and privilege of working with Shreyas. He displays humility and integrity and he has a deep desire to help others. I’d highly recommend Shreyas to help you discover who and what you would like to become. I’mvery honored to have been able to access his wisdom. He is an empathic and knowledgeable coach who puts in 110% – Thank you Shreyas.
Michelle Gunn
I have had the pleasure to get to know Shreyas and see some of his skills first hand. Shreyas uses his innate talents as strengths to accomplish everything he plans to do. He has a unique way to understand situations. He is reliableand dependable. Shreyas will get the job done while making the team stronger. Shreyas displays integrity and understanding both in his work and in his communications. Shreyas would be an asset to any company he chose to work for!
Celeste Ansell
Shreyas is a driven and articulate individual who is hard working and always willing to go above and beyond. Shreyas has a passion for empowering others and highlighting people’s strengths so that they can perform their best. Wouldhighly recommend if you’re ready to go next level in your life!
Jo Rothchild
Over time Shreyas and I have networked together, built a relationship and trust. He constantly bends over backwards to help out, to be available and to continue our incredible relationship! Shreyas is smart, fun to be around andan excellent team player. I look forward to seeing great things coming from Shreyas with his executive coaching!