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On an average a human takes around 35,000 decisions on the average. But many times when you are running a company every decision is critical and indecision isn’t a choice. Therefore you need the best decision making abilities.

Surprisingly not many people are blessed with this ability. Also to make a decision you need a calm mind.

Here are few tips that can help you take better decisions without being stressed and anxious.

How to make better decisions?

Making a mindful decision is a process and it takes times. But there are few things that can help you get better at it.

Search for why

Many times while taking decision we think so much that we often forget why and for what reason we are making decision. Over the time the real reason can dilute and you start take decision based on other factors. So instead of taking decisions mindlessly evaluate the real reason behind them and consider all pros and cons.

Examine for cognitive biases

Human brain is vulnerable to many biases directly or indirectly. And it is designed in a way to make those decisions quickly based on your beliefs. Most of the decision you make are out of the available information but it’s not necessary that you have all the necessary information.

Also in many cases your brain neglect many facts which can be harmful. Cognitive bias can’t vanish overnight but you can improve over the time.

Analyse multiple options

Many times you want to take decision as quick as possible and in that scenario you often do not consider all the options. Often we failed to explore better option due to the time and the stress caused by it.

Going with one option and not exploring other is a blunder; you might not know what’s the best decision for you.

Consider consequences

Every decision got it’s own consequences and you might not consider all the consequences while taking decision. Keep in mind both pro and cons of it. And once you have done that analyses the positive and negative consequence.

Also keep in mind what would happen if you made no decision that would make the task easier for you. Many times taking no decision is a decision in itself.

Looks for facts

When you find yourself making snap decisions without giving it adequate thought, force yourself to look for unfavourable scenarios.

If you want to know if a stock is a good investment, look for proof that contradicts your theory. If you want to establish a firm, seek for companies who have attempted and failed to do something similar.

Now there are many times people end up making wrong decisions which can be really harmful. But as there is a reason or everything; there are many times when we end up making bad decisions but there are always some reason for those decision.

If we realise what are the reasons we can become better at decision making

5 Reasons Why We Make Bad Decisions

Decision Fatigue-

Mental ability to make decisions is limited, plus most people lack mental energy to do things. So when we have to make a huge decision that will impact other people, it is common to experience decision fatigue. To avoid decision fatigue, the best thing is to prioritise the most important decisions also prioritise the time so that you can have plenty of time to take the right decision.

Distract Yourself-

Smartphones are the biggest distraction, and due to that, our brain suffers from information overload. Also, because of this, we lack focus and end up making bad decisions. The best way to counter is to find the time each day to unplug yourself and close all the social media applications. Then decide with a calm mind, it might be not easy at the start, but things always get better.


According to research, decision-making skills suffer by 40% if we focus on two cognitive tasks simultaneously. So when you need to make an impactful decision, make sure to carve out 30 minutes for deep and clear thinking.


Emotions like anger, happiness, anger are part of our daily routine. At the same time, these emotions can play a vital role in our lives. But many times, we take decisions out of our emotions. Therefore, it is important to not take any decision when you are too happy or too angry.

Analysis Paralysis-

While the internet has gifted us with an abundance of information and resources but sometimes these resources can become very overwhelming. And often, the more information we get, the longer we take to make a decision. The best thing to decide with the information you require to make the decision is that more information will not do more harm than good. Also, set a deadline to make the decision and stick to that.

Making smart decisions is like running a marathon. The quicker you try to run, the more drained you become, and the likelihood is that you will not make it to your target.

You don’t have to be a perfect decision-maker; just a good one would sufficient. Don’t try to become a perfect decision-maker every time and be hard on yourself.

Above all, embrace critical thinking and good choices.

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