How to get Growth Mindset

Mainly there are two types of mindset – Growth mindset and fixed mindset. A growth mindset is all about facing challenges, embracing abilities, and accepting failures, whereas in fixed mindset things are opposite. While some people believe getting a growth mindset is hard, but in reality, it is simple. There are many ways by which you can achieve that.

Why Growth Mindset?

Most people shy away from challenges and get tangled with their thoughts. They even fear failures as a result; they do not take risks or nay new opportunities. All this leads to fixed growth in their life ahead.

Whereas if a person has a “Growth mindset,” they enjoy taking challenges and calculated risks which in turn help them grow further. People with a growth mindset always build new skills and focus on learning new skills.

Developing this kind of mindset can result in a more meaningful and happier life because you will have more experience than any other average person.

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Key Mindset Differences Between “Fixed” and “Growth”

Hard work

The person with a “Fixed mindset” often tends to skip the hard work and effort to get the thing done, whereas the growth person always does the hard part first and is always keen to learn more. To grow in any part of your life, whether it’s a relationship or career, you always need to put in the effort and always compound.


Most people hate taking responsibility and always blame others for their mistakes. Whereas it’s not the same with the person having a “Growth mindset”, they always make sure everything is according to the plan, and if not, they take whole responsibility and get everything done.

Taking feedbacks

Feedbacks are the best way to improve yourself. Mistakes are part of human nature, and it’s impossible not to do any mistakes. But most important is to accept those mistakes before moving forward. People with a “Growth mindset” not only accept the mistakes but also learn something from them.

10 Ways To Develop Growth Mindset

Accepting Imperfections

Let’s accept the fact that nobody is perfect, and our flaws make us unique. True growth happens when you accept your imperfections and try to improve them instead of cribbing. Also, living yourself is a good thing.

Take on your challenges.

Challenges are a part of life, but how you take them depends on how you tackle them. Consider every challenge as an opportunity and will make it easier for you to solve the problem. Try different paths and explore different ways to navigate new circumstances.

Take note of your thoughts.

Your thoughts say a lot about you, so always pay attention to what you are thinking. Replace your negative thoughts with positive ones. Negative thoughts affect your mindset a lot and, in the end, affect your decision-making capabilities.

Stop Validation

Seeking validation and approval from others often results in a fixed mindset. Rather trust your capabilities and instinct. Keep in mind, in the end; you will be the only person there for yourself, so do not give control of your life to others.

Create a purpose

It’s very important to have a purpose in life. Your growth is directly proportional to how purpose-driven you are. In case you do not have a purpose, then create one. Do not put so much pressure on your mind; just think of it as a long-term goal. If you already have a purpose, then align it with your activities.

Appreciate Criticism

People only criticize when they find you are better than them. So positively take criticism and if you want there is even 1% truth, try improving yourself. Open up yourself to take criticism and turn them into feedback. Do not think of it as criticism; instead, think of it as a way to improve yourself.

Enjoy the process more than the result.

It’s always the journey that matters more than the destination. If you would not enjoy the process, then the result would not be great either. Take an equal interest in both.

Learn from the previous mistakes

Mistakes are a great lesson; they teach you a lot more than what you would have learned otherwise. Once you do, you’ll notice you are making lesser mistakes. But keep in mind to not be too hard on yourself when you make mistakes.

Take Risks

You only grow when you take risks. Make calculated risks instead of blind risks. Growth mindset, people always consider risk as an opportunity. With time taking risks also gets easier.

Keep your expectations in check.

It takes a lot of time to learn a new skill, so be patient and keep the efforts on. Do not have too many expectations or too few expectations. Keep all the expectations in check from time to time. And do not be hard on yourself in case you fail to fulfill them.

In sum, a growth mindset means embracing all the changes, taking responsibility for your actions, and embracing the failures. By taking an extra effort, you can build a growth mindset that will help you in the long term and achieve things you are looking out for in life.

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