In recent times work-life balance is one has become a major buzzword. But with this, there are many misconceptions that have also been caught up. Work-life balance isn’t that easy as it seems to be. You need to be more realistic and think more practically.

Today we are here to bust some of the work-life balance myths that might do more bad than good and even might hamper your work.

Myth 1: Every day should be the same

Many people think that having balance means every day should look the same- but this is not true. Even if you attain balance in life, it is next to impossible to live the same life every day.

Life itself means the journey of ups and downs. Assuming that every day should be the same will cause more frustration and often overworking.

The best way to approach is through flexibility. When you will accept uncertainties and adjustments you’ll handle challenges more easily.

Myth 2: Separate your professional and personal lives.

Another biggest misconception is your work and your personal life should be in separate boxes. While some people are successful in doing so but most of us lie in between somewhere.

It is important to not overlap each other too much but it’s fine to maintain some kind of restriction. Also, it is important to find your own balance and define how the ideal work relationship should look like.

When you do, create your own boxes for work and personal life.

Myth 3: It is a one-time thing

Just like other tasks, people assume work-life balance should also be achieved at once. But in reality, it can’t, work-life balance is a journey, not a destination.

Just like every day is not the same, work-life balance wouldn’t be the same every day but you’ll have to create your own balance. And in this process, you might have to change your approach as well.

Life is a constantly changing journey full of new and exciting possibilities if you need to enjoy you’ll have to take every day as it comes.

Myth 4: You can’t work for long

Most people believe there should be no hustling or longer working hours when you have achieved a work-life balance. There might be times when you need to work overtime to complete a certain work.

The best way is to focus on time management. While hustling can be good in a short time but in the long term, it can be very harmful to your body as well as your mind. Divide your time, energy, and focus equally to escape the hustle culture.

Myth 5: Self-care is a choice

Self-care might seem to be like an option but it’s not. Since self-care focuses on you, people always feel it is not necessary. But in reality, self-care is most important for your mental health in long term.

It even increases your efficiency and re-energizes you to work more. Self-care is exactly what you need for a long and sustainable carer.

All these myths can be very overwhelming and disheartening but the real thing is to not give these myths too much importance and focus on what’s most important. But while focusing on work don’t forget you ca human too and it’s okay to have bad days or rest days. You are most important and don’t forget you are human too.


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