For executives what is the most important quality that comes to your mind? And what makes them different from the best.

If you ask me, I think relationship building is a must skill for any executive. A great leader is one who manages great relationships with everyone including their employees. It even helps in sharing the common vision and goals.

Without a great relationship, team performance will suffer and create a toxic work environment.

But now the main question is how to maintain trust and have an effective work environment.

What kind of questions and conversations will help you develop those?

Listen Carefully-

When you give someone undivided attention and listen to them carefully in order to reflect thoughtfully. Empathy can help you connect with others in a more genuine way. Through this people will feel more connected to you and create an effective workspace.

Ask Questions

Transparency should be the number one priority everywhere. Without a transparent workplace, there can be a lot of conflicts. The best way to create transparency is by encouraging everyone to ask questions and be open.

Build Shared values-

Every startup and business is built upon values and shared ethics. If values aren’t shared then it can lead to many issues and misunderstandings. Create a set of values that everyone can agree on and can work together upon. In this way, everyone will get comfortable with each other and work more productively.

Communicate Effectively

Effective communication is the single most factor that can help you to boost team productivity and can help in better collaboration. It is also very crucial to streamline internal communication. So make sure your statements are clear, act objectively, and be careful of how you appear to others.

Praise your Team

Praising is the best way to drive someone’s motivation and help them continue to the hard work. Be open to taking comments as well as providing meaningful and real input to those around you. Also, praise them from time to time to get their morale up and this way they will even love working more.

Relationships are the backbone of every strong business. And good communication is the only way through which you can further your relationships. Your ability to form and sustain meaningful connections is directly influenced by how you communicate with others. So make sure that you build a strong relationship in order to enhance team support.


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