Get Set Rise Coaching plans the most systematic approach to guide you to success and overcome the challenges that you face in your business. We love to help to find out the right talent and the most suitable personality that fits to the position in your business. Don’t delay, get in touch with us now and let us help you to carry the burden for potential clientele preparing for an ambitious and successful professional journey.


In order to unlock and unleash your full potential, GetSetRise Coaching specialises in these key areas:
NSight Executive Success Assessment
Through N.E.S.A, we measure personal and interpersonal characteristics. It is a type of evidence-based aptitude and personality assessment that helps in leadership development, talent selection, and professional development.
High Performance Collaboration
With  high performance collaboration assessment, we analyze leadership style, teamwork pattern and skillset to optimize a group for better growth. We strategize a plan to develop personality according to the specific business needs.
Mindset Strategies and Affirmations
We work smartly to improve intelligence and abilities in people to dream success and do hard work to achieve it. Our team helps people to discover how to develop a professional and growth mindset.


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